Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today I received a text message on my cell during lunch. It read and I quote verbatim, "Hey what up sweetie?". I knew that it was not from my wife because of a few reasons:
1) She never says "What up?". Her greeting usually tends to be the equally effective and grammatically correct "How are you?"
2) I have strongly discouraged the use of the word "sweetie" in any reference to me and good soul that she is, she has obliged. Really, what kind of a grown man is called "sweetie". That is something your mother could call you when you were little. In the unlikely case that you are wondering about acceptable terms of endearment in our marriage, there are a few but they are used only in private so that others do not have to suffer.
3) The primary reason, of course, was the cell phone number. It was a number I did not recognize. A quick google search on the area code of the number revealed that it was a New Orleans, Louisiana number.

This message has put me in a dilemma. The other person definitely got the wrong number. But what do I do? It is a text message, so I can't really text her/him back and say "wrong number." I cannot do this because unlike emails, replies to text messages do not hold the original message. I am too lazy to text long messages explaining what they sent me. So they will probably have no idea if I send 'wrong number'.

I can't call them either, because it will take a lot of explaining to do about how they sent a text to the wrong number etc etc. Again I am too lazy and my non-American accent does not help in such out-of-the-ordinary situations.

What if it is a man instead of a woman on the other end. Chances are really high that it is a man. The "What up?" remark leans towards the possibility of the sender being a man. A conversation with a man telling him "Don't text me because I am not your sweetie" will be very wierd, if not uncomfortable. In fact, I think the two words 'man' and 'sweetie' should never be used in a sentence together.

On the other hand, if the person does not know that his text went to a wrong number, he/she may spend a lot of time fretting over the fact that he/she never got a response from his/her sweetie. What if my act of not doing anything breaks up a potential relationship. Is my inaction nipping a potential love story in the bud?

I have told myself not to worry about it. If it was a love meant to be, it will be. I have also been telling myself that I am being too egotistical by thinking that I could have an effect on someone's love-life. But really, the cell phone companies should come up with a solution for something like this. It should not be that hard to attach the original text along with your reply. Maybe I will do nothing this time, but if I ever get a 'sweetie' text again, something will definitely have to be done.